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Indoor Living Walls

Indoor Living Walls grows healthy plants on interior building walls. Large planters support a wide variety of plant options, and automatic irrigation system provides drip-free watering and drainage. Turn a plain wall into a canvas of natural artwork. Living wall are worth it because of the health and mood benefits they bring along with the natural beauty and warmth they add to any space.

Outdoor Living Walls

Outdoor Living Walls are vertical gardens, plants growing on a vertical surface. Outdoor Living Walls are designed to withstand the elements. Our unique deliver water through rails, which maintain their beautiful finish and integrity in all weather conditions. A living wall is a wall with living plants and greenery occupying the surface. They can have built-in irrigation or other systems to help with plant health and growth.

Moss Walls

Moss is a maintenance-free way to bring nature indoors. These formerly living plants are preserved with organic compounds that protect the feel, texture, look, and color of moss and plants. Choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and textures to customize your biophilic designs today!