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Living walls are important to incorporate to your daily environment. Live plants benefit humans by increasing their overall health and mood. Read below to learn more about living walls.

Is a Living wall worth it?

Living walls are excellent ways to bring greenery into a smaller space or a place where people spend a lot of time indoors. Outside, living walls offer unique beauty and is a great way to incorporate many plants in a compact way.

When people are around nature, they are able to process information more efficiently. Biophilic design improves mood and overall wellbeing, so living walls are excellent options for offices, hospitals, and other public areas like hotels and senior living communities.


  • Install and Remove any type of Plants safely
  • Maintenance services to keep plants are healthy
  • Insured and provide expert solutions
  • Experienced in commercial scale planting
  • Evaluate degree of difficulty on every removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Living Walls contribute to improved indoor air quality. They naturally provide oxygen, humidity, and reduced particulates and volatile organic compounds. When people are surrounded by plants, they are happier, healthier, as well as more creative, productive and focused. They experience less stress and lower cortisol levels.

Lighting is critical to the success of your living walls. In nearly every indoor application, supplemental lighting will be necessary to ensure the proper intensity and spectrum for plant growth.

Plants need a dark period to rest and prevent metabolic fatigue. Therefore, grow lights should only be run 12-15 hours maximum per day—typically from 7 AM to 8 or 9 PM (to mimic light conditions in tropical regions). The rest of the time, they should be in darkness, or near darkness.

If security lighting is required in the area of the Live Walls, it should be of very low intensity and not directed toward the plants.

Living Walls does an excellent job of growing a broad array of greens, lettuce and herbs. When those plants are grown indoors, the plants must receive enough light of the correct spectrum.